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acircleofmagic's Journal

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17th August 2004

ttheactor9:31pm: just saying hello and MC summer 2004 rocked

28th July 2004

keepmesteady4:59pm: heeeeeey all!!
i miss it too!!

what's the buzz, tell me what's a happenin' at MC!

(whats this about keira knightley?)

vivica_is_a_hoe2:19pm: hey guys
ok hey evryone its Brian, ok so it's really funny cuz Zoe is the only one who ever writes in this thing so i decided to help her out, so guys how is MC going this year without us? i miss everyone tona and cant wait to see the shows! now someone else update.....like now
love Brian

26th July 2004

dreamweb810:35pm: alright, you people need to update. I am missing camp so so so soooooo much, pleeaaaassseeee just update. Once each even. thank you lovelies, i shall see you all thursday morn with Brian and Hannah
Current Mood: aggravated

3rd July 2004

dreamweb811:28am: This community has kind of gone to shit.... how the hell do we help it out?

16th May 2004

dreamweb83:28pm: Anyone doing any plays or singing? Any upcoming performances?

6th May 2004

sonjakbw9:39pm: hey guys!
zoe thanks soo much for starting this its such an awesome idea

on other contact stuff for me:
my email is Sonja_Boet-Whitaker@buacademy.org
sn is thegeekygreeklin

sry to all who didnt get the update on the changed email address

im so pumped for camp this yr guys

Current Mood: tired

24th March 2004

dreamweb810:24pm: Hey everyone, it's me. It's been so long since I've seen most of you, and I decided we needed another way to keep in touch rather than just IM. Wow, can you tell I am bored outta my mind as well? Haha, okay, respond to your little e-mails, and say you want to join the community. If you know of any other present or past mc people with journals who may like to join, let me know! Love, hope to see some of you at the Collins/Goddard show on friday!
Current Mood: calm
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